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Don’t Leave Home Full Movie (2018) Watch, Online, HD

Don't Leave Home
Don’t Leave Home


Born in Baltimore, the sixth feature film by Austin-based director Michael Tully, Do not Leave Home is his first foray into the thriller genre. The director of the MdFF favorites such as the Silver Jew music documentary (MdFF 2007), the cult film Septien (MdFF 2011) and Ocean-City-in-the-80s sitcom Ping Pong Summer (MdFF 2014), Tully seems to have The rare directorial gift of being at home working in any way.

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The artist Melanie Thomas (multi-MdFF student Anna Margaret Hollyman) has clung to a series of strange disappearances in the Irish countryside as inspiration for her latest series of sculptures. With a great gallery show for these upcoming works, you get a bit of bad news that closes your next opening. As the gallery show crumbles, a phone call from a mysterious patron in Ireland offers an opportunity to escape and a bit of much needed money. It may be more than a coincidence that Melanie is also very close to the site of those strange disappearances she is so fascinated by. Will your research provide you with more inspiration or something much more sinister?

Both in its environment and in its cinematic aspects, Do not Leave Home recalls the sadly underestimated film by Robert Altman, 1972, Images, which is continually based on a sense of dread as it moves towards a spooky climax. With fantastic performances from supporting cast Lalor Roddy and Helena Bereen (both from Steve McQueen’s 2008 Hunger movie), Do not Leave Home is a tightly built supernatural smolder that mesmerizes with every frame. (Scott Braid)

The obsession of an American artist with a disturbing urban legend leads her to investigate the origins of history in the crumbling estate of a lone painter in Ireland.
Initial release: September 14, 2018 (USA)
Director: Michael Tully
Screenplay: Michael Tully
Music composed by: Michael Montes
Cinematography: Wyatt Garfield
Producers: Ryan Zacarias, Jeffrey Allard, Walter S. Hall, George Rush Jr.

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