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Cruise – Full Movie [2018] Watch Online


Emily Ratajkowski burns the screen in the new trailer of Cruise, an ambiguous romance set in the city of New York of the 80s that is run by the same guy who wrote the great vehicle of return of Mickey Rourke in 2008, The Wrestler.

Ratajkowski plays Jessica Weinberg, a wealthy Jewish college student who goes at night for her rebellious alter ego, “Francesca.” While out with friends, he meets Gio Fortunato (Boldman), a young Italian-American troublemaker from the “wrong side of the tracks”.

The Long Island bride and her crush on Queens embark on a life-changing adventure filled with emotions, self-discovery, romance and danger over the course of a hot summer.

The film comes from director Robert Siegel, whose previous screenplays include The Wrestler (2008) and The Founder (2016).

Although she is best known as a model whose Instagram account has more than 20 million followers, EmRata has previously starred in I Feel Pretty, Amy Schumer’s In Darkness co-starring Natalie Dormer, and EDM’s deejay drama We Are Your Friends together to Zac Efron.

But being an Instagram bomb is definitely the role he was born for. Just check out some of the recent publications.

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Cruise is an upcoming American romantic comedy film, written and directed by Robert D. Siegel. It stars Spencer Boldman, Emily Ratajkowski, Lucas Salvagno, Noah Robbins, Gino Cafarelli, Katherine Narducci and Sebastian Maniscalco.

It is scheduled to be released on September 28, 2018

In the 1980s, an Italian-American young man from the wrong side of the city falls in love with a Jewish girl from Long Island.

Initial release: September 28, 2018 (USA)
Director: Robert Siegel
Executive producer: Gino Cafarelli
Music composed by: Jay Wadley
Screenplay: Robert Siegel
Produced by: Alex Garcia, Scott LaStaiti

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