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Boston vs Baltimor

Boston vs Baltimore| Live® Stream™ Online TV

-The “whitest” city in the Northeast. Largely Irish, some Italians too.
-One of the best economies in the country, tied with DC at 2nd in the Northeast (after NYC). A city on top.
-Much more diverse population, large numbers of Caribbean Hispanics (Dominicans, Puerto Ricans), Caribbean Blacks (Haitians, Jamaicans), Asians. There is also a large native black population. Boston is a big immigration magnet, and also gets run-off from NY tho not as much as Philly does.
-The “Capital of New England”, culturally the most Northeastern major city, heavily catholic. Famous food include clam chowder. World renowned for its colleges. Very pretentious and snotty. Much safer and less racial tension.

-The “blackest” city in the Northeast. Dominated by native Black Americans.
-Of major cities, its economy is below average, considered rustbelt. Worse economy in the Bos-Wash corridor. Though improving and growing slowly. A city on the rise.
– No where near as diverse compared to the rest of the Bos-Wash corridor. White ethnics include some Irish, Italians, and Greeks. There are also small and growing number of Mexicans/central Americans, Puerto Ricans, Jamaicans, and Africans. Ethnic groups seen in Philly, DC, and even NY in large numbers are slowly spreading into the area.
-Though, historically considered southern, its now largely apart of the Northeast. Its considered the epitome of Mid Atlantic culture, a region of Northeastern/Southern mixed identity and culture. However, its often in the shadow of DC and seen as the ” redheaded stepchild of the Northeast”, or like ” college boy DC’s jailbird thug lil brother”. More gritty and down to earth. Urban decay, higher crime, and racial tension.

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